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Youth Scholarship Fund

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Support our vision of the future – where youth are empowered to create brighter futures

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“The Spirit does more than develop life skills, more than creating new friends, it saves lives. I know because it saved mine. Before the Spirit, I had no way of coping, and it was a struggle to keep going. I truly believe that I may not have been here today were it not for my voyage.” A Trainee.

We believe all young kiwis should benefit from our world-renowned programme, regardless of life’s circumstances.

Our 10 Day Development programme has been building generations of young kiwis with confidence, resilience and self-esteem since 1972.

Now, more than ever, these life-skills are needed. NZ Ministry of Youth Research has found that too many young people are arriving at adulthood ill-prepared to contribute productively as citizens of New Zealand and future employees.

Our scholarship fund enables any young New Zealander to take part in and benefit from our programme.

You can choose to make an annual donation of $3,500 per scholarship or donate directly to the fund.

When you choose to fund a full scholarship and you may be interested in nominating a local school who will benefit from your student scholarship.

Youth Scholarships help everyone.

Every year we strive to raise funds for those youth who would otherwise not be able to take part in Spirit of Adventure’s 10 Day development voyage.

This voyage has proven results for the participants. The key benefits for young people include an increase in their self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience as well as improvements in social effectiveness, cooperative team work, leadership ability, open thinking, seeking out quality and coping with change.

Youth Scholarships are a great way of giving back, and we give you a variety of tools to ensure your community are aware of the impact your contribution makes towards the youth in your community.

"I now have direction in my life ... all of this would not be possible without your contribution and I thank you.”


Join the Scholarship Fund


Spirit of Adventure Trust gratefully acknowledges the support from the following businesses and organisations:

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When you fund full scholarships we can discuss the following recognition methods::

  • Using our logo on your website enabling you to demonstrate your support
  • Logo acknowledgement on our website
  • A personalised certificate of thanks to display in your premises
  • You will be provided regular ongoing communications about the Spirit of Adventure Trust and what the funded teens get up to
  • Your Donation is fully tax deductible (you can claim up to 33.3% of charitable donations in NZ)

When you donate to the general scholarship fund you will have your donation recognised in the following way:

  • You will be provided regular ongoing communication about Spirit of Adventure Trust and what the funded teens get up to
  • your Donation is fully tax deductible (you can claim up to 33.3% of charitable donations in NZ)
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