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Remembering a legend

I first met Capt. Pony (John) More in the early 1970s. Pony looked after the family boat and assisted with the preparation and maintenance of the One Tonner “Young Nick” of which I was a crew member. Pony and I also spent a pleasant week doing maintenance on the family batch at Kawau but my recollections are more of spot lighting for wallaby and drinking a few beers!

These were the formative years for the conceptualising and building of the Spirit of Adventure and the ensuing Trust. Pony was a contributor in the talks between John Brook, my late father Lou Fisher and myself re the design of the ship and the ideas for the youth programme.

As a competent single handed Trans Tasman yachtsman with a solid marine background, Pony was well placed to be the first Master of the Spirit, a position he filled for some years. Small but strong in stature, Pony had a big heart, a cheeky smile and holds an important place in the history of the Spirit of Adventure. Our thoughts are with his family on his last sail beyond the horizon.

Stephen B Fisher
QSO Chairman

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