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Our People

"The people behind Spirit of Adventure Trust are the heartbeat of the organisation"

Shore-based Team

Our shore crew are comprised of individuals who bring the spirit to the Trust. From planning voyages, fundraising, marketing, hiring crew, ship logistics, planning maintenance and everything in between. Our dedicated team make it all happen behind the scenes to ensure the Spirit of Adventure is kept alive, well represented and that every voyage runs as seamlessly as possible.

Dean Lawrence
Chief Executive Officer
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Ruth Roebuck
General Manager
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Nigel Wright
Marine Manager
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Julia Bryant
Community Engagement
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Stefan Barton
Relationship Manager
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Talei Williams
Marketing Communications
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Rachael Mitchell
Voyage Coordinator
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Bernie Ranford
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Beverley Houston
Reception / Administration
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Spirit of New Zealand Sea Staff

Helping to keep Lou Fisher’s vision alive since 1972, Spirit’s professional and volunteer crew are highly valued as the representatives of the Spirit of New Zealand and the Spirit of Adventure Trust. The Spirit family has grown to include many outstanding crew members, with some winning international awards for their leadership, nautical skills and role modelling on board.


Nic Charrington
Gerard Prendeville
Stephen Bull
Laurie Stanton
Mike Foster
Georgina Micet
David Hagen
Graham Weakley


Ben Whittington
Andrea Haines
Simon Graves
Tori Muir
Nicola Hockley
Alasdair Sime
Suzanne Trounson
Peter Renshaw
Tony Cummings
Eric Anderson


Stephanie Bristol
Allan (JR) Reeve
Ray Phillips


David Scott
Patrick Scelly
Donald Pederson
Tim Philips


Tamati Munroe
Tessa Campbell
Hannah Wilkes
Francesca Edmonds
Aner Hayam-Jonas

Ship Support

Peter Anderson

Join our crew!

Our Spirit People

Thank you to everyone who gave their time to crew with us this year. Not only in a sailing capacity, but assisting during refit and helping in a myriad of other ways. Without the generous support of these people, the ship could not go to sea to provide young New Zealanders with the opportunity to set a course for the future. The days and hours that these fabulous people give to the organisation equates to around 30,000 hours a year. What an effort!

Here is a list of our people that have helped in the last year:

  • Abbey Franklin
  • Adam Nock
  • Alan Dirven
  • Alasdair Sime
  • Alesha Shanks
  • Alex Mitchell
  • Alexander Newman
  • Alexandra Ranford
  • Alice Freeman
  • Alicia Bradley-Taurua
  • Amy Waldie
  • Andrew Lawrence
  • Andrew Spekreijse
  • Andrew Symmes
  • Angela Hardgrave
  • Angharad Summers
  • Anna Harrison
  • Annaliese Seedall
  • Annika Adams
  • Ashleigh Laverty
  • Bailey Graines
  • Barry Norgrove
  • Beth Scott
  • Biz Wallace
  • Bob Hawkins
  • Bradley Windybank
  • Brendon Reid
  • Brittany Glanfield
  • Caroline Jane
  • Cassandra Mead
  • Catherine Galuszewski
  • Charles de Vilder
  • Charlotte Bainbridge
  • Charlotte de L'Isle
  • Charlotte Pym
  • Christine Comber
  • Claire Oliver
  • Conrad McCaffrey
  • Craig Lidgard
  • Damian Suri
  • Daniel Shepherd
  • Daniel Watson
  • Darius Siljee
  • David Jordan
  • David Trebilco
  • Dita Donaldson
  • Don Pedersen
  • Donald Allan
  • Dylan Booth
  • Edana Sparks
  • Ella Knobloch
  • Elle Fixter
  • Emma Doolin
  • Emma McIntosh
  • Erik Jorgensen
  • Fiona Logie
  • Frazer Dale
  • Gabby Leitch
  • Gareth Whittington
  • George Humphreys-Jerard
  • George Weeks
  • Georgia McArthur
  • Captain Graham Weakley
  • Grant Lemmon
  • Grant Wilson
  • Greer Hunter
  • Hannah McGill
  • Harold Gratton
  • Hillary Comber
  • Hugo Kappes
  • Iani Cleland
  • Jacob McCalman
  • Jaimee Acklin
  • Janet Welch
  • Jared Corbett
  • Jemina King
  • Jennifer Palmer
  • Jeremy Rei
  • Jessica Coughlan
  • Jessica Forkert
  • Jessica Wilson
  • Jody Clements
  • Johan Kregting
  • Johanna Quinger
  • John Conly
  • John Debney
  • John Stringer
  • Jonathan Holder
  • Josh Lyon
  • Joshua Le Prou
  • Karl Mooyman
  • Karoo Shakari
  • Katherine Morris
  • Kathy Perreau
  • Keegan McManaway
  • Keith Maydon
  • Kevin McCready
  • Kim Bjarnesen
  • Kyle Webster
  • Latham Fairhall
  • Laura Dawson
  • Laura Greenway
  • Laura Jackson
  • Captain Laurie Stanton
  • Lisa Campkin
  • Lisa Gatward
  • Logan Wiffen
  • Luka Letica
  • Luke Galuszewski
  • Madison Hamill
  • Maggie Bray
  • Marcus Ketel
  • Marie Everth
  • Matthew Scadden
  • Matthew Smith
  • Matthew Turner
  • Megan Frey
  • Megan Youngman
  • Melanie Jonker
  • Melvyn Pearson
  • Michael Shirley
  • Captain Mike Foster
  • Nathanael Hart
  • Nicholas Blenkinsopp
  • Nicola Hockey
  • Nicole Ashby
  • Nicole Gibson
  • Nigel Comber
  • Oliver Johnston
  • Olivia Amundsen
  • Olivia Van Dissel
  • Oscar Wells
  • Osha Bianco
  • Paul O'Dowd
  • Penelope Walbran-Oakley
  • Peter Addison-Krippner
  • Peter Wilson
  • Petra Sparks
  • Phoebe Pegg
  • Quentin Mitchell
  • Rachel Lawson
  • Rebecca Berry Eden
  • Rebecca Griffith
  • Rebecca McMenamin
  • Rebekah Charlton
  • Reghan da Silva
  • Richard Hodder
  • Rimukan Kelsall
  • Robert Procter
  • Robin Weeks
  • Robyn Hickley
  • Rosalind Atkinson
  • Ryan Warner
  • Sally Wallis
  • Samantha Williams
  • Sarah Freyria
  • Sarah Ingamels
  • Sarah Williams
  • Sarah-Jane Guild
  • Sheila Budgen
  • Simon Graves
  • Simon Hulse
  • Sonia Thursby
  • Sophia Humphries
  • Sophie Mellor
  • Susan Axcell
  • Sylvia North
  • Tamara Grant
  • Tanika Langbridge
  • Timea Kovacs
  • Captain Timothy Ridge
  • Tony Cummings
  • Tony Miller
  • Wade Staples
  • Wilson Turner

Port Contacts

Our Spirit people are from all over New Zealand. These amazing people give us their precious time and support as Spirit of New Zealand travels around the New Zealand coast visiting different ports along the way.

Great Barrier Island Kim Scott

Tauranga Troy Evans

Gisborne Peter Rasmussen and Heidi Parkes

New Plymouth Ray Eggar

Napier Trevor Morrison

Wellington Grant Nalder

Picton Tony Cooper

Nelson Sheila Budgen

Lyttelton Andrew Moore and Mel Haskell

Dunedin Tony Cummings

Bluff Tom Sawyer

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