Due to the enclosed environment on board the ship and the potential for a virus to transmit easily, we must to our utmost to keep the virus from the ship.

We require all participants to complete a rapid antigen test on the day of the voyage and have a photo of the test on their phone ready to show upon check in at the wharf if required.

To ensure we mitigate the risks of COVID – 19, we are asking all participants to take steps to limit contact with others and attendance at events that may increase the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in the week leading up to your departure.

We ask that pre-departure symptom checks are carried out for each participant before they leave their home/local region.

If any of the participants joining the voyage are displaying COVID -19 symptoms, they should not travel unless they have medical clearance from a Doctor and have advised and got prior approval from the Spirit of Adventure Trust.


Before the voyage starts
If your voyage is unable to go ahead due to COVID-19 we will offer an unconditional transfer of your booking to a later date within 12 months, or hold your booking in credit for 12 months from the original voyage date. We may request proof if you are not able to join due to a positive case in your household. Please note due to the volatility of the pandemic, we do not offer refunds, only voyage transfers and voyage credit. All other Spirit of Adventure Trust T&Cs apply.

During your voyage - 10 Day Development Voyage
Should your voyage come to an end because you or someone on board has tested positive for COVID-19 and you have completed less than 5 days of the voyage (day one being the date your voyage departs), you will be eligible for a 50% refund of your voyage fee OR you can book a new voyage date within 12 months at a discounted rate of 50%. If you have completed more than 5 days of the voyage, there is no refund. Travel costs are excluded from any eligible refunds.

During your voyage - 5-Day Trophy Voyage
Should the voyage come to an end because you or someone on board has tested positive for COVID-19 during the voyage, Spirit of Adventure Trust does not offer a refund of the voyage fee once the voyage has departed. We recommend consulting with your school if you have any questions.

If at any time during a voyage the crew identifies a person to be symptomatic, they will tested using a Rapid Antigen Test.

Should the test come back positive, the person will be returned to shore as soon as is practical to the nearest port/meeting spot for collection by a parent / guardian (Spirit of Adventure Trust will not be liable for travel costs). All remaining participants will be closely monitored for symptoms.

If you are on a trophy voyage, upon return to port the duty of care will transfer to the organising school. If you are an individual on a 10-day voyage, the duty of care transfers to the parent/guardian upon arrival back to port.

For any queries please regarding isolation requirements please visit the COVID-19 website.



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