Daniel is a successful businessman, runs his own IT company, has a busy family life but still finds time to be a member of our volunteer crew as a Watch Assistant at least once a year. 

How long have you been volunteering for the Trust?  
Since winter 2018  

What prompted you to want to volunteer for us?  
I was a Troop Sergeant for a unit of Army Reserve combat engineers and a signal was sent round asking for volunteers for the Spirit of Adventure Trust. When I saw that I thought “Choice”! I never got that option as a teenager at school I was a bit of a gray man and only discovered what I was capable of later on in life through the army, raising a family, endurance events and success in business. When I saw this call for volunteers it was a “Hell Yeah!” moment, adventure time!  

What do you love most about volunteering for Spirit?
It’s one of the best opportunities I know of to give something back in life. The people who work in the Trust are truly interesting, intelligent, compassionate and are totally dedicated to making a difference in the world through developing the youth that come aboard as trainees. I love being in their company and the absolute ultimate reward is seeing the breakthrough that happens for those kids who truly seize upon squeezing the juice out of the experience.  

What would you say to someone considering volunteering for us?  

If you are fit, love learning and have your own house in order then I guarantee you will get as much out as you put in and often more.


Daniel on board