Day 3

Log: MAY 01

This our first captains log for voyage 842 because it has been jam packed full of adventure. On Friday we waved goodbye to Friends and whanau and headed to Motuihe for the night. After our 06:30 swim on day 1 we spent our time with safety talks, learning to speak sailor and sailing to Kawau Island. Today we headed from Kawau to Coromandel peninsular in a bit of a lumpy sea and while a couple succumbed to the mauiui, most enjoyed the day with ice breaker games and tearing around the rig like the sailors of old. The team are all currently refreshing themselves with a swim after a long couple of days.

Day 5

Log: MAY 03

The troops are bonding well. They've been ashore at Colville to play beach games this morning before heading out for a sail in calm seas and light winds. The sun was shining and lot's of laughs were had. It's days like this that good memories are made of.

Day 6

Log: MAY 04

A big day for the team. They headed ashore at a little place called Waiomu. Walking up into the Moehau ranges. On the way hearing stories of the Moehau monster and making it to 690 meter elevation. Then back to the ship after a swim and to rest their sore legs.

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Day 7

Log: MAY 06

The weather is turning it on for these peeps. They spent yesterday sailing small boats and climbing to the top of the mast. For some this was easy and for others it was way outside of their comfort zones. Today is a slow day we set all sail and are making our way north again.