Day 3

Log: JULY 10

Voyage 844 is off to a great start, a nice calm anchorage and good food after a rolly passage up the coast yesterday makes for a happy bunch.

Day 5

Log: JULY 11

Had a bit of a wet and windy day yesterday but that didn't stop anyone from having an awesome day. Beach games in the morning a very efficient stow of rafts and sail set got us underway in good time for our ride to beautiful Whangaroa. Troops in great spirits and all helping each other out.

844 photo
Day 7

Log: JULY 14

The troops were off to an early start this morning exploring in the rafts before daybreak. A well earned late scrambled eggs brekkie fuelled everyone for their clean up and mast climb. Time to take it a bit easier now with some inside activity. A big day and some very tired people.