Day 2

Log: 29 JULY

Voyage 846 is off to a great start. Just about to head out sailing in sheltered waters of the inner Hauraki Gulf. Troops all in good spirits.

Day 3

Log: 30 JULY

Had a busy day yesterday, sailing ship, sailing luggers, rafting and a good old fashioned run around on the beach.  Everyone pitched in to make all work really well.

voyage 846
Day - 5

Log: 01 AUGUST

Awesome day for a good stretch of the legs and chat to one another in the bush, the troops left the ship in good time this morning to walk up the maunga. Sure they will be looking forward to a nice swim once they return.

Day 6

Log: 03 AUGUST

Big sailing day today,  lots of miles,  lots of sails and lots of tacks. Once full sail was set we thought everyone deserved a nice bit of quiet time to reflect and recharge the batteries for the final phase of the voyage.

Day 9

Log: 06 AUGUST

A busy day yesterday,  rig climbing, rafting ashore, navigation,  beach clean and swimming.  Today we gave the ship a good clean up before getting into some light air sailing and setting up for trainee day. Everyone is in good spirits.