Day 2

Log: 26 AUGUST

With all hands onboard, we set off in the rain and headed to Waiheke Island for the night. As usual we started the day with a swim this morning, every one braved the overcast morning and discovered that it is a great way to start the day. We saw the sun briefly as we sailed from Hitapa Bay to Man 'O' War bay. The sailing was awesome with flat seas and a fresh breeze. The team are getting along great and finding their way onboard.

Day 4

Log: 28 AUGUST

It's day 4 now and things are moving along nicely.  We sailed off the anchor (like the sailors of old). Left Waiheke Island in our wake as we headed to Coromandel harbor, being visited by some marine animals on the way.  The team are doing great learning how to be a team and working hard to keep the ship moving. Rewarded with a beautiful sunset in the evening.  Today was all about playing around with the ship and seeing what she and we are capable of.

Day 8


Its been a few days since my last log. apologies. We are currently sailing away from Port Fitzroy, Aotea after a few magic days of Hiking and soaking in a hot pool, sailing the luggers and enjoying a BBQ ashore at Smoke House Bay with some trainees who kayaked all the way from Hillary out-doors". These peeps have been blessed with interacting with a bit variety of marine life this trip (common for this time of year) and later on today they are looking forward to some well deserved quiet time.