Day 2


A very keen group of trainees joined the ship yesterday afternoon and with great excitement we sailed at 1600. We have 52 new people to meet and learn about, plus the ship as well. The anchor was dropped in the lee of Motuihe Island for the night (calm and peaceful) and a swim started the day that now unfolds in front of us.

Day 4


We have had a couple of days together now, friendship are forming, fun and laughter is abound, and after an excellent sail yesterday with the ship reefed down and a small sail plan, we sailed north to Tawharanui Peninsula for some shelter from the wind and cold air. Our legendary cook gave us hot dogs on deck for lunch,  and then, when we got to anchor, made hot chocolate to warm us up before we stowed away the sails. This morning we are rafting ashore in a flat calm sea and sunshine to explore this fine area.

Day 6


Te Hauturu-o-Toi (Little Barrier Island) beckoned us with its peacefulness rising out of the sea, so after a mid ocean swim in its calm waters we anchored to the north for the night by Te Anauiarau Bay.
Aotea (Great Barrier Island) then lay to the East so we sailed off and landed by Okokewa Island to see the effect that man's rubbish had on this beautiful place, and find some we did. Now we have the joy and pleasure to do some more exploring in Kaiarara Bay and land ashore again to climb mighty Mount Hobson.

Day 8


More adventure with Lugger sailing and Mast climb in the calm waters of Port Fitzroy and then followed by a bonfire ashore and a quiet paddle back to the ship in the dark. The weather gods have been kind to us, another calm sunny day unfolds before us. Cave exploring in the rafts along with a swim and some reflection time for ourselves before we sail south towards Coromandel. The voyage continues.

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Day 10


Trainee day, our day to shine, grow, challenge ourselves, develop and lead. We have a plan to sail west towards our final designation Te Motu-a Ihenga and hand the ship over to the crew.