Day 2


Voyage 852 is off to a great start. Happy trainees = happy crew. We did a lot of the safety and familiarisation, including climbing the mast and learning how to speak 'sailor' 😂. Now we're on our way for a nice motor-sail northwards in light and sunny conditions.

Day 3


First day ashore this morning, troops got in some good rafting action followed by beach games. A nice middle of the day swim after lunch then some sailing with tacking practice completes a pretty cool day.

Day 7


We've had a pretty awesome couple of days. Day four we left the Gulf a better place by doing a beach clean, the marine life seemed to approve as they put on an awesome show for us during our sail that afternoon. Yesterday we were met by some ocean swimmers using us as a turning mark. Later we had a cool sail out to Aotea, Great Barrier, with a perfect breeze/direction and enthusiastic trainees it would have been rude not to set full sail.

Day 9


As always we are continually evolving the programme to ensure we deliver the best voyage possible for the trainee's.
We had some pretty tired troops yesterday so made a point of factoring in some much needed quite time. We also climbed the rig, learnt stuff, rope swing and finished the day with an epic evening at Smokehouse
Today is looking like a great day for lugger sailing.

Day 10


Had an awesome day yesterday.  We made good use of the morning breeze to get in a very good tacking session off Barrier.  The troops really stepped up and did a great job 
Swim and elections on arrival to Waiheke.
Today trainee day is going very well,  light breeze and lots of sun = happy campers