Day 2


The adventure has begun, just as we sailed a pod of Orcas swam passed us as we streamed out of Waitemata Harbour to lay gently at anchor that night off Onetangi Bay, Waiheke Island.  Now its our first full day and new adventures and friendships await us. Its going be an exciting 10 days.

Day 4


We have had a few days of sailing, exploring and learning about each other. We rafted to Kawau Island for a bit of a walk, fun games and a swim at the delightful Ladies bay, then returned to the ship for a big dinner followed by hauling the rafts on board and then some star gazing before a deep sleep. Now we sail to the East past Te Hauturu -Toi (Little Barrier Island) to seek distant lands, to explore, discover, and learn the history of these lands.

Day 6


Aotea Island, a distant land that we have arrived at, now we are safely anchored in Port Fitzroy and today heading ashore to Kaikoura Island, to take in the views, the history and just enjoy the day walking and chatting with our new friends. The adventure continues.


@12:00 am

After an epic sail yesterday, rain, wind, and swell we faced it all with a smile and laughter, the sails were set after our passage through Man O War (Kaikoura Island seemed like it was in touching distance) this brought us to the calm waters of Kawau Bay, to rest and recover before more challenges await us,  now another day unfolds, and we will spend some time today reflecting on the voyage so far. (I hear singing below, anyways a good sign of fun times and friendships)