Day 2

Log: 14/11

40 Trainees coming from all around Aotearoa joined the ship and we sailed with the ebb tide to carry us to a quiet anchorage in Tamaki Strait for the night. Today started with a swim at 0630  and now the day will unfold as we learn new skills , set sails, learn some history of the area and make new friends. The adventure begins.

Day 3

Log: 16/11

A fun day yesterday, sailing across the ocean to the Te Koume Harbour, and then having a fantastic swim. That evening we rafted ashore for a beautiful sunset on top of Te Koume Head.
Ashore again now, challenging each other in our rafts and on the beach with games and sandcastle building. At the same time we are learning about the effect that we as people have on the environment by looking at what rubbish has washed up on this lovely beach. It's learning, fun and friendships on this voyage.

Day 5

Log: 17/11

The voyage of Adventure continues, we have sailed, How-To for a MOB drill under sail and then have swam, rolled rafts , laughed, sang and we will be a little sad when the voyage ends tomorrow.
Shipmates have become friends for life now.