Day 2


Voyage 854 is off to a great start. Had a pretty exciting swim this morning in some choppy sea, trainees loving the warm water. We have been learning all the ship routines and climbing the mast. Currently having a lovely sail up the coast, and everyone is in great spirits.

Day 4


Yesterday we had a nice sail in the morning followed by a good run around ashore for some beach games. Today the forecast had sail to Barrier written all over it. Currently enjoying an awesome sail, enroute to the East coast.

Day 6


Yesterday we had an awesome walk ashore along the coastal Haretonga walk way. We had an epic day today, waking up at Rakitu Island on the Eastern side of Aotea we were reminded how lucky we are. After spotting some cool caves the night before we felt we just had to explore them. Had some amazing time rafting and swimming through caves, very cool. The afternoon was spent sailing to beautiful Smokehouse Bay. Everyone in very good spirits.

Day 9


Kia ora e hoa mā! We've had an action packed few days, climbing to the top of the mast and exploring Port Fitzroy in our little lugger sail boats. We also sailed the great blue yonder back to the mainland, our salty sea dogs setting all 14 sails along the way. Fair to say we've had some epic adventures. We cracked out the yard swing this morning and are now practicing our sailing skills we have learnt over the voyage before we handover the ship for trainee day. Bring it on!