Day 2


The voyage is underway, the adventure has begun. What awaits us is exciting, challenging, with growth and development for all of us. New places, new friends and sailing to distant lands(and fantastic food).
What more could you want in an adventure?

Day 7


Here we are exploring and discovering Aotea(Great Barrier Island), we had a sail yesterday and did a beach clean in a remote area and are disappointed with the amount of rubbish we found. Now we are at anchor with 2 anchors down in Port Fitzroy to shelter from the Easterly that is starting to blow and a bit of rain. But the program continues with us climbing the mast and more.

Day 8


The ship has been at anchor for the last 2 days as we shelter from this weather. Today its time to go sailing, the wind is easing and so is the rain, but fun was had in the rain and wind, mast climbing swimming, learning facts and history about this area, doing some science studies, rafting and tramping, but sailing is the program today.

Day 10


Trainee day, its begun, a well-organised Trainee crew has been voted in and we have control of the ship, the planning, the program and the crew (to help and guide us). It's a lot of work and planning, but we have had 10 days to train and prepare, now it's happening. We have swam and now will sail our way back to our home port Tamaki Makaurau, exciting day for all.