Day 1


The ship sailed last night with a happy, keen bunch of trainees and crew into a fine evening and even got in an evening swim. Today we are learning the ropes as they say, climbing the rig, setting sails and becoming friends with our shipmates. The adventure has begun!

Day 2


Our plan is to head North to the Bay of Islands over the next 2 days with a stop in at Aotea (Great Barrier Island) for a night, the sun is out and we have 11 sails set, with a nice breeze on our quarter pushing us along in a gentle swell.
The sea is a deep blue and we are watching out to see if dolphins or whales will come and visit us, its a great day to be out and about on the ocean.

Day 4


North we sailed with the wind on our quarter, heading towards the Bay of Islands, we had a bit of swell and sea with a nice 20knots of wind but some of us felt the motion more than others.
Our lunch stop was in the lee of the Poor Knights where we got some shelter and then onwards to the Bay of Islands. A later night last night, ringing out the year and ringing in the new year ( 8 bells for each by the oldest and youngest person on board) and now heading ashore for the first time on the lovely Motuarohia island for lunch and to explore.

Day 6


The Bay of Islands: After a bit of a sleep-in we headed ashore on Motuarohia Island, checking it out, learning a bit of history and having some fun. Yesterday we took the ship for a sail, did some tacking and gybing in a nice breeze and then headed ashore again on Moturua Island. Now we are sheltering in Manawaora Bay as this weather blows through, and we are learning about ourselves /others and developing and growing as the voyage continues.

Day 7


The ship rides at anchor in the shelter of Manawaora bay, the swim this morning was warm (some of us are from the far South(South island ) and think the water is beautifully warm). It's raining but we are having fun, learning about navigation and are going to do some leadership training this afternoon. Cake and hot drinks for morning tea, our 2 trainee cooks are cooking up a storm for lunch , it's all good in this part of Aotearoa.