Day 4

Log: 10/2

Hello from Great Barrier on a glorious day with gentle breezes and a clear sky, time for a catch up.  

After a first night at Motuihe Island we had a nice run up to Kawau Bay, via Omaha Bay for a swim away from the cyclone-affected waters further south.  After a quiet night off Snells Beach we sailed yesterday out to Great Barrier. Winds and weather were perfect and we made the passage without the use of the engine maneuvering off and onto the anchor purely under sail alone. 

Today the trainees are ashore for a walk to a nature reserve to experience wonderful scenery, large kauri close up and a waterfall swim. Naturally, we are monitoring the weather forecasts closely and on that basis are planning to make our way down to the Coromandel Peninsular on Saturday. That will keep us in good shelter from winds and swells and in striking distance of Auckland if needed.

Day 6

Log: 11/2

It was a fun day yesterday anchored in Port Fitzroy Great Barrier Island for some lugger sailing and climbing the mast. With the sun still shining, it was then time to begin early prep for the incoming cyclone. So we pulled the anchor and headed across the Colville channel for a lovely evening sail to Coromandel, finishing up in Tukituki Bay. The plan today is to head ashore for some beach fun and then a bit of sailing this afternoon. We’re keeping close watch on the track of the cyclone to make sure we’ll be safely hiding when it comes.

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Day 6

Log: 11/2

We are currently anchored off Tukituki Bay just south of Colville Bay on the western side of the Coromandel Peninsular. "Happy Hour"cleaning the ship is underway but we will soon be rafting ashore for beach games and our usual clean up of a local beach. Seas are calm and winds light so we can make the most of this sheltered location while keeping a weather eye out. Our plan for the afternoon is to hoist a snug sail plan and head a little further south. Yesterday went well combining sailing our luggers with a climb to the top of the foremast as smaller vessels left the bay and headed home. With all secured we headed south at the end of the afternoon, the last to leave. Winds were rising and seas building somewhat across the Colville Channel but no one was seasick - dolphins are always a wonderful distraction! Three hours later we were quietly anchored here, ready for dinner and bed.

Day 6 evening

Log: 12/2

Now anchored off Amodeo Bay. Lying to both anchors and ample cable. This spot is providing decent shelter and we are experiencing about half the wind speed up at Colville (about 15 knots) Channel. All well and about to play dough pictionary.

Day 7 - A calm night and even blue sky this morning.

Log: 12/2

Having moved the ship to Amodeo Bay yesterday evening we spent a quiet night lying to both anchors and ample chain. It was calm enough here to have the traditional swim this morning!  A small distance can make quite a difference to the available shelter and we can see the steadily increasing wind at spots along the coast. Our plan is to remain here while monitoring the wind speed and direction as the system tracks south and will reposition if necessary.  Our emphasis today will be on below deck activities and info sessions. It's even sunny here at the moment so the worst part of the day could be the crew entries into the talent show! All are safe, dry and in good spirits.

Day 7 - evening update

Log: 13/2

We've stayed put here in Amodeo Bay today and enjoyed indoor activities, baking and some cheeky lounging about on deck when there was a break in the clouds.
There's been a bit of extra training for our night watch team of young people and we have two anchors out holding us fast.
Looking forward to the talent show this evening and one of our cooks famous heart warming puddings.

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Day 8 - Morning update

Log: 13/2

Whilst the wind was blowing we sat on anchor calmly with a small sea-state. This anchorage is perfect. This morning has started with a hearty breakfast and the trainees are going about their jobs (including food prep in the rain) They are keen to go sailing but we have said no! We are waiting here for a break in the wind, potentially this afternoon, so we can start heading back to Auckland - finding a nice Island to hide behind. The safest thing for us to do is find shelter and arriving back as planned for Thursday. A day of games - games and games!

Screen Shot 2023-02-13 at 9.25.13 AM
861 - Day 8 mid morning

Log: 13/2

Spirit News” is the first activity, each team films a ships news item using all members and presents it on the big screen. Then it will be letter writing. This afternoon will include a meteorology info session, we’ll put the latest data up on the tv. They had a wee sleep in this morning but are still all on time. All are well.

Day 8 - staying put sheltering from the storm

Log: 14/2

We are still at Amodeo Bay on the west side of the Coromandel. This is a great place to hide and we are protected by the wind and sea. Our sea state is moderate with the occasional gust.
It has been a wonderful spot all day. The trainees are loving games and learning all things nautical - some even want to go sailing! Alas we have said no  But we love their Spirit.

The eye of the storm passes over us tonight which will bring calm. Based on this we should be able to move in the morning a head toward Tamaki Straight seeking shelter as the wind turns more to the west. We will review in the morning.
We are well, we are warm, we are well feed (I think the cook thinks we all look hungry) and we are having fun on our adventure!

Day 9 - morning update

Log: 14/2

We had a hunkered down movie night last night, then all were out like a light. We're just getting the troops up for a deck shower this morning. A little sleep in, unheard of on the Spirit. We are protected from the wind and the sea state is moderate. We are currently deciding on today's plan, hoping for a wee break in the weather to start our journey closer to Auckland city. We’re pitching easily and rolling a bit at times must have helped us all have a lovely sleep. 

Day 9 - travel update

Log: 14/2

Hi all, As expected we have seen a dip in the wind so we are going to leave anchor this morning and head to Man o War Bay, Waiheke Island.

The trainees are excited to get moving.We will assess the anchorage on arrival and either stop at Man o War Bay or move further to the north side of Waiheke.

Everyone is well and in great Spirits!

Day 9 - evening update

Log: 15/2

Today we had a lovely sail across the firth of Thames and anchored at Man O War Bay Waikeke Island.
We are so sheltered here from the prevailing South West wind that we all had a afternoon swim! Then it was time to clean the ship and we have just finished the process of where the Trainees choose their crew. A Female Captain has been chosen - Wahine Toa at the helm for trainee day tomorrow. The wind is much calmer tomorrow so we will set sail and head to Motuihe Island.