Captains Log - Day 2

Log: 9/4

Tēnā koutou katoa, Our voyage is off to a good start. With all the trainees all onboard yesterday we headed to Onetangi for our first night at sea. This morning, with the morning swim done we got into some climbing and learning the ropes. After that we went for a sail to Mahurangi. The trip up was eventful with visits from a variety of marine animals. Tonight the trainees plan what to do with the next few days.

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Captains Log - Day 4

Log: 10/4

Kia ora e whānau me hoa mā. Our team are doing an amazing job of settling in. Yesterday the morning was spent ashore playing games before we set sail and headed out in pretty squally weather. The sea sickness seems to be a thing of the past now. they're forming good friendships and really jelling as a team. Everyone seems to be excited about what today will hold.

Captains Log - Day 6

Log: 13/4

Kia ora e te whānau. Yesterday's weather was a bit ferocious so we went for a big hikoi around Aotea and saw some cool sights. Today we have learnt about chartwork and have eaten some more yummy kai before we head out for another sail this afternoon. Everyone is stoked onboard!

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Captains Log - Day 8

Log: 15/4

What an adventure our rangatahi are on. Since our last log the team have spent a couple of nights anchored at Smokehouse Bay, Port Fitzroy. While there yesterday we launched our small boats and sent them off exploring, as often happens with these boats it either turns into a race or a water fight, I think they had both. The other thing the team did while in the sheltered waters is test their climbing being allowed to climb as high up the mast as they could. The rope swing was put up and a slide was made out of a rafts. Dinner was enjoyed ashore with singing, enjoying the camp fire and roasting marshmallows. During the paddle back to the ship, phosphorus was present in the water causing it to glow. A seal family or what could've been fluffy mermaids was spotted today during cave exploring, so it resulted in a raft water fight between trainees. Love from Pip and Sarah- AKA future captains

Captains Log - Day 10

Log: 16/4

This is the trainee day captain speaking. We travelled from great barrier island to the coromandel peninsula on the 14th of April and anchored there for the night, then made our way to Ponui islands and are about to sail to Motu Ihe island. Its going to be EPIC! love from captain Lachy.