Captain's Log - Day 3

Log: 30/4

We have had couple of lovely days where the trainees are getting to know each other and come to grips with all things Spirit of New Zealand. We have spent our first night at Motuihe and the spent Friday sailing up the western side of Waiheke. Today we are heading to port Fitzroy Great Barrier before the wind gets too fresh. It is the best place to hide and anchor from the easterlies we will get over the next couple of days. Everyone is happy and loving the adventure!

We've arrived

Log: 30/4

We've arrived at Great Barrier Island! Currently anchored in Nagle Cove after a cracking sail over.
Sometimes our GPS location drops out while we're at Great Barrier Island and our location might not quite show our exact location.

Captain's log - day 4

Log: 30/4

Tena koutou katoa, Just a quick note to let you all know that the team are all doing really well. The wind was fairly strong all around us but not in Nagle Cove, Port Abercrombie where we are anchored. Today we're going to ride out the storm at anchor and head ashore for a run around when the weather allows.

Captain's log - evening update

Log: 31/4

We have moved and anchored at Smokehouse Bay, Port Fitzroy. Two anchors down, nice and cosy for the night. Everyone are happy and well.

Captains Log - Day 5

Log: 2/5

After a long, treacherous journey through rough waters across the Tamaki Strait, we sheltered the Spirit from the storm in a tight lagoon in Great Barrier Island. Although our stomachs were malfunctioning and our legs were weak, we settled their for the night, but our journey was not yet over. Across the following days, we embarked towards the closest port, adjacent to the Glenfern Trail. Our blowup rafts were slicing through the still water as we disturbed the wildlife with our organised rowing. At last, we made it. The view of the Glenfern Trail is certainly something to be marvelled about.

-Thomas Tasman Tilsley, Trainee.

Captains Log - Day 7

Log: 3/5

Morena koutou, The troops are doing an amazing job, the last few days have been spent going on bush walks, sailing on small boats and climbing to the top of the mast. This proved to be a big challenge for some but with a nit of tautoko from the team everyone gave it a go. It was crazy and inspiring to see Jono from #itsliveocean out there as he left Aotea for north head with a 30 hour swim ahead of him. As far as we know he's still out there. "Go Jono we believe in you and think what you're doing is amazing and so important". He's worried about the ocean and this swim is for Te Kapa Moana.


Hike - 868Oranges - 868
Captains log - Final Day

Log: 6/5

Over the last few days we have been having some fun in conditions that have been a little bit wet and wild at times. We went ashore at Kawau Island for some games and have been honing our sailing skills on board with lots of tacking practice in the bay so that everyone is ready, ready for the challenge of taking over the ship today - Trainee Day. Last night the trainees elected their crew and under their command we are just setting sail for Motuihe Island. This morning we even had a glimpse of blue sky and an amazing sunrise and we have a lovely sailing breeze. Its going to be a good day!