Captains Log Day 2

Log: 18/5

Its day 2 and the team are off to a flying start. today is all about learning. We're learning to climb, set sails and how to keep our selves safe in an emergency. The weather is looking a little bit stormy today but don't worry we'll do our best to stay away from any rough seas.

Captains Log Day 3

Log: 20/5

Due to the Tsunami watch currently in place for New Zealand, the ship is heading for deep water. Our crew are highly trained and experienced in weather events such as this. They will continue to monitor the situation and adjust plans as necessary. Please keep a watch here for any updates.

Tsunami update

Log: 20/5

We continue to monitor the weather conditions and are currently in deep water to mitigate any effect of surge activity from the Earthquake activity.
At the appropriate time we will seek sheltered deep anchorage for the night.

Tsunami update 2

Log: 20/5

The ship is now anchored safely in the middle of Kawau Bay. We have lots of anchor chain out to account for any unusual currents. The troops have settled into a nice evening of games and fun.

Captain's Log Day 4

Log: 20/5

Ata marie e hoa mā, after the excitement of last night the team are still on a bit of a high. We're getting things back to normal today with cleaning underway. Due to the windy forecast today we'll stay anchored in Kawau Bay. The troops are heading ashore to clean a beach and we'll spend the afternoon onboard playing games and learning about navigation.

Captain's Log Day 6

Log: 23/5

Hey all, since our last post the team has had a great couple of days. After the stormy day at sea we set off for Aotea/Great Barrier Island. The sail across was a ripper with strong westerlies. We managed to get a top speed of 9.5 knots!

Today was spent hiking around Kaikura Island. Everyone is a little tired and ready for a good nights sleep.

Captain's Log Day 8

Log: 25/5

Day 8 and all is well on board. We have spent a lovely couple of days at Great Barrier Island. Yesterday the troops got the chance to sail the small boats and climb to the top of the mast. Today we had a quiet morning to get ready to go sailing in the afternoon. We practiced tacking the ship between the cetations that decided to vist us and have now returned to anchor in Port Fitzroy.

Captains Log Day 10

Log: 26/5

Kei te rā ataahua. Trainee day has started and the team are killing it. The crew are stepping back and the trainees are stepping up to the plate. We have a new captain and crew, cleaning is done and we're hauling anchor... Next stop Motu Ihe.