Captains Log Day 2

Log: 29/6

Kia ora koutou katoa, our voyage is off to a flying start with the first night spent at Motu Ihe. From there we set sail to Man'O'War bay Waiheke. The sail was a nice gentle one allowing the team to learn and just see how it all happens. Our sail today was a little more lively with a fresh sou'wester we headed all the way to Mahurangi harbour. Everyone seems to be setting in well and embracing the adventure.

Captains Log Day 4

Log: 30/6

The team are getting a real adventure. Yesterday was fun and games ashore in the morning before another sail up to Kawau bay.

Today with the weather taking a turn, we are going to stay on anchor and learn some skills on the ship. We're in about the safest place for weather but will keep everyone updated on our movements. Some of our trainees are a bit disappointed we're not sailing but we'll still make sure they have a great day and learn some skills.

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Captains Log Day 4 - Storm Update

Log: 31/6

Kia ora whānau. Just a quick note to say we're all safe and well here aboard te kaipuke. Today has been as fun as we can make it with a climb to the top of the mast to find the edge of our comfort zone, some games and some learnings about the rules of the road at sea. The crazy part of it was when a bunch of the troops wanted to go for a swim so we cracked out the rope swing. With the weather looking a little windy tomorrow our plan is to head ashore for a hikoi. So not much sailing happening but doing our best to make the most of the adventure.


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Captains Log Day 6

Log: 3/7

kia ora koutou, What crazy weather we're having. the team are doin amazing. The water temp at the morning swim was a chilly 14.2 degrees. That doesn't seem to stop them. Due to the forecasts of over 50 knots we have opted for not sailing the big ship. So yesterday the team went walking at Tawharanui and today their out picking up rubbish on beaches and sailing small boats. It always impresses me the resilience of our Rangatahi when the weather doesn't work out the way we want it to. they have this lovely ability to keep smiling and lifting each others spirits when they're down.

Captains log Day 7

Log: 3/7

Tēnā koutou whānau katoa, as you can see the weather forecast is still for big winds. So another day of us playing it safe. We're going for a little sail just to get out side and get moving. It takes us a while to get ready for a sail when the wind is strong, we have to reef the sails (make them smaller) set up sailor strainers (nets that double the hight of the handrail) and make sure everyone has stowed their gear so it doesn't flop around in the sea state. The cool thing about Spirit is her safety she's strong stable and as soon as it looks unsafe we changed the plan. The team are ready for a sail and to play it safe we're going to hang close to the coast so we don't have to deal with big waves.

Captains Log Day 9

Log: 5/7

Trainee day has started. Captain Millie Moo says it's bloody good day for sailing. We're setting the sails and heading to Motu Ihe. We're looking forward to a rope swing later and some scrumptious lunch. We'll see all of your tomorrow at 9am!