Captain's Log: Day 2

Log: 8/7

The ship sailed at 1600 into a fine evening and beautiful sunset, then we anchored in the lee of Waiheke Island. After a fresh swim to start the day, we climbed the mast, set some sails and challenged ourselves in a bit of wind in the Firth of Thames. Now we are warm and dry, at anchor in the calm waters of the Tamaki Strait.

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Captain's Log - Day 3

Log: 9/7

Another day unfolds before us, it always starts with a swim. Hauled anchor, then we steamed up Waiheke Channel to anchor off Rotoroa Island for a raft ashore and a pleasant walk to discover the history of this wonderful Island. After this it was lunch in a dry warm ship and a nice sail down Tamaki Strait for our evening anchorage off Musick Point. An adventure for all this voyage has been.