Captain's Log Day 2

Log: 10/7

We anchored first night off Eastern beach. Following the daily swim at dawn in 14deg sea, we spent the day training, then sailed in pleasant conditions this afternoon to Man'o'War Bay at the eastern end of Waiheke for the night.

Captain's Log - Day 3

Log: 12/7

Lovely sailing today. We departed Waiheke before lunch and sailed in fresh conditions across to Kawau Island, 30 miles away. We were accompanied by dolphins, several rain squalls and plenty of wind. The ships was lively at times, spray drove across the deck, and several trainees were a little green. Other played the guitar and enjoyed the sail. 

Captains Log: Day 4

Log: 14/7

Yesterday we spent the day ashore and a short sail in the afternoon. Today we set off for Great Barrier with strong winds and frequent showers expected. The wind was gusty and hardly any rain arrived and we had a great sail all the way., about 30 miles (50 km). In spite of rolling quite a bit, no one even felt unwell, so everyone has their sea-legs. We entered Port Fitzroy through the very narrow Man of War passage and are now anchored in flat calm with a welcome winter sun.

872 Day 4 2872 day 4
Captain's Log Day 5

Log: 15/7

Mānawatia a Matariki e hoa mā! Today we stayed at Great Barrier with the trainees sailing the luggers and climbing to the top of the foremast. This evening they are having dinner ashore around a campfire at Smokehouse Bay.

Captain's Log - Day 7

Log: 16/7

Yesterday the trainees tramped around Kaikoura Island, an island on the west coast of Great Barrier. It is a 4-hour hike and the paddled to and from the Island on the rafts. They still had enough energy afterwards to enjoy the yard swing.

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Captain's log - Closing Day 7

Log: 17/7

We motor-sailed across to Cape Rodney this morning, then tacked the ship back and forth across Omaha Bay. Our anchorage is calm as we wait for another front to pass through tonight. This voyage has had much welcome sunshine, even though the winds have been cold. 

Captains Log - Day 8

Log: 18/7

Today we practised ship handling, tacks and sail-setting in fresh winds. The trainees really showed how capable they were. They have now elected all their own crew and have taken over running the ship until tomorrow afternoon, with all the crew making sure the trainees stay safe. After just 8 days it is wonderful to see trainees who had never met now working as a team and coping so well. They are tomorrow leaders.

872 Morning Pic
Captains Log - Day 9

Log: 19/7

The trainees took over the ship today and had a splendid sail from Leigh to Whangarei. They set sails we had not used before on this voyage and had a very successful Trainee day.