Captain's log Day 2

Log: 6/10

We've had a great start to the voyage yesterday, everyone onboard was excited to set out to sea last night after provisions were stowed. Our evening activity was some fun games to help everyone connect and get to know each other. The mood today is happy and relaxed and lots of enthusiasm has been shown and great questions asked. It was good to see the team is not afraid of hard work and everyone pitched in to do the mahi and actively make the most of learning opportunities with the beautiful sailing conditions we have had today.

Captain's Log Day 4

Log: 7/10

We're well into day 4 now and the crew are all amazing. Yesterday everyone had fun brainstorming a wish list for the voyage, doing beach games, sailing and in the evening we enjoyed a VERY loud and enthusiastic activity. Today we are doing a big sail to Aotea and have lots more fun activities planned.

Captain's Log Day 6

Log: 9/10

We have had a pretty busy couple of days, beach cleaning, tacking, small boat sailing and climbing the rig. Everyone is in good spirits.

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Captain's Log Day 8

Log: 12/10

Today we said farewell to Aotea after enjoying our good share of land time, and we are sailing over the gulf towards Kawau Bay. It's been a beautiful passage and we were even visited by a friendly pod of marine life. The team are looking at what it takes to run the ship and step up into leadership roles. All in all another perfect day in paradise.

Captain's Log Day 9

Log: 13/10

Trainee day is now in full swing, the team have elected an impressive and solid crew and are working hard to have a great day. Chairman Steven Fisher even joined us onboard for the last 2 days!

Steven Fisher on board 874Steven Fisher on Board