Captains Log: Day 2

Log: 25/10

We’ve had a fun couple of days getting to know each other so far! The weather has turned in our favour and we got a fair amount of sailing in today from Waiheke Island to anchoring at Long Bay for the night. Looking forward to the next few days!

Captains Log: Day 4

Log: 27/10

After a great day at sea we are nicely anchored at Port Fitzroy for the night. Everyone had a go at climbing the mast to put away the sails and we’re going to end our adventure with a swim and some games.

Captains Log: Day 5

Log: 28/10

Spending the day in a rainy Port Fitzroy but still making the most of our time going all the way up to the very top of the mast, jumping off the yard swing and taking out the luggers for a little sail around the port. Tomorrow we are hopefully going ashore for the first time since leaving Auckland!

Captains Log: Day 6

Log: 29/10

All snugged down at Port Fitzroy, nice spot for a bit of a blow. Troops all happy campers

Captains Log: Day 6

Log: 30/10

After a epic bush walk yesterday we’re still all snuggled into Port Fitzroy safe from the wind. We’re spending the day on board doing lots of fun activities and learning new knots! Spirits are still high and everyone is happy

Captains Log: Day 9

Log: 2/11

We’re well in the swing of things on our last day which is trainee day! The crew were up early and we are currently heading to Motuite Island for the day & have fun on the beach to make sure we have an epic final day together!