Captain's Log Day 2

Log: 15/11

So far we have been busy getting settled and learning the routines. Lots of sail handling, climbing the rig and getting to know one another. Today we plan on getting ashore for some beach fun and of course more sailing. All is well

Captain's Log Day 5

Log: 17/11

Yesterday we had lots of learning of sails and how to sail a tall ship, then we set sail and boosted our way north to Haturu, Little Barrier spotting lots of cool wildlife along the way. Today we should have a nice sail out to Aotea, Great Barrier.

Captain's Log Day 5 - Royal Visit on board!

Log: 17/11

We were thrilled yesterday to have a special visitor on board voyage 877. The Duke of Edinburgh spent time on board Spirit of New Zealand yesterday as part of his NZ tour, celebrating the 60th anniversary of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Aotearoa NZ / Hillary Award

Captain's Log Day 7

Log: 20/11

A great time has been had on Aotea - we had some good leg stretches and checked out some local wildlife. Now we're stretching our wings and sailing down to the Coromandel.

Captain's Log Day 9

Log: 21/11

Yesterday the troops faced their fears and climbed to the top of the rig while others went small boat sailing. The day also included a few swims and dinner ashore.