Captain's Log Day 2

Log: 9/1

Our adventure has begun, keen, excited Trainees joined the ship yesterday, and we sail from the  Picton later that afternoon around to Grove Arm for our first night at sea. We awoke to a swim and then our safety briefs and training and this afternoon we will sail to Meretoto /Ship Cove to explore and discover this amazing part of Aotearoa.

20240108 183632
Captain's Log Day 4

Log: 11/1

Totaranui / Queen Charlotte Sound has been a wonderful area to get to know each other and this place, now its time to start sailing south to further destinations to increase our knowledge and understanding of ourselves and this fantastic country we live in.

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Captain's Log Day 6

Log: 13/1

We sailed from Port Underwood yesterday and had a glorious sail down the coast to Kaikoura, taking in the sights of the coast and wildlife . We struck and stowed sailed on dusk with a wonderful sunset and starry night to finish our passage off. Now its a day exploring in this area and then we will carry on our journey.

Captain's Log Day 8

Log: 15/1

Another day has passed and more adventures, Kaikoura was amazing, and then a sail south in a calm sea and starry night to the distance  Akaroa harbour.
Friendships and bonding of our watch's and the whole ship is well under way, we will miss each other at the end of the voyage which seems now so close. But, for now is fun with a sing along in the aft cabin to end the day.

Captain's Log Day 9

Log: 16/1

It's Trainee Day, the trainees have the ship and we have sailed from Akaroa Harbour with them in charge, its going to be a amazing day for all after such a wonderful voyage. The trainees have stepped up and with confidence are running the ship and program. We are in safe hands.