Captain's Log Day 2

Log: 19/1

Off we set on our journey from Lyttleton to Bluff. Day 1 we saw dolphins and seals. We learnt to raise sails, housework around the ship and climb. The whole crew experienced night shift with great views of the stars.

Captain's Log 5

Log: 22/1

During our paddle up north arm we had a brief squiz at some funky bush and a trinkle of a waterfall. We then fought like starved seagulls over the last ginger nuts before our grueling battle back to the ship. Today is time to leave the amazing Port Adventure and explore new places. Everyone are happy campers onboard.

20240121 101713
Captains Log: Day 6

Log: 23/1

Today we have had a wet windy day and spent the whole day onboard, a good opportunity to learn lots of different things such as engineering, splicing and an more navigation to suit different interests. We had a session on values which seemed to go well amongst other activities. A well earned quite time to rest and reflect was appreciated by everyone.

Captain's Log Day 8

Log: 25/1

Had a busy day yesterday, up the rig, sailing the luggers and then finished the day with a nice walk in bush around Stewart Island. Today it's time for some more sailing prior to handing over the ship to the trainee's tomorrow for trainee day!

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