Captains Log: Day 2

Log: 24/1

Voyage 884 has begun! We let go of the line in Bluff, waved goodbye to the locals and ventured out into Foveaux Strait. We had a very nice crossing and anchored in Patterson inlet, Stewart Island, for the night. The trainees are currently learning the ropes and preparing sails for our passage down to Port Pegasus at the southern and remote end of Stewart Island. Friendships are being formed and everyone is settling in well to the routines of the ship. There is lots to learn and they are keen to experience everything.


884 first morning
Captain's Log Day 3

Log: 31/1

Port Pegasus has provided us with an epic day. It started with rain, wind and low cloud covering Bald Cone, but we put on our raincoats and ventured ashore for a walk. Then the wind changed, the clouds parted and the amazing rock features of Bald Cone were revealed. Up, Up, up we climbed. scaling granite rocks to a stunning view of our surroundings. A paddle back to the ship for a scrumptious meal and a cup of hot chocolate rounded off our day.  Now the weary trampers are heading to bed to rest up for whatever tomorrow brings.

20240128 170710
Captain's Log Day 4

Log: 2/2

Yesterday we said farewell Port Pegasus and sailed north to Port Adventure. Today we have had an action packed day climbing to the top of the mast, sailing the luggers and going ashore to explore a beautiful remote white sand beach. We will weigh anchor again tomorrow morning and find another amazing piece of Stuart Island to explore.

20240201 202937
Captain's Log Day 6

Log: 3/2

The trainees took over the ship for trainee day today and did an amazing job. They planned the 24 hours, made all the decisions, executed the plan and had fun along the way.
Tomorrow we are starting our passage up the coast towards Dunedin.

Captain's Log Day 7

Log: 4/2

Stuart Island is putting on a show of nature for us today. We are safely anchored up in Patterson Inlet with 2 anchors out waiting for the strong winds to pass before we depart for Dunedin. Everyone is in high spirts, playing games inside the ship and eating well.

Captain's Log Day 9

Log: 5/2

The wind died down and we set sail late afternoon yesterday and are now anchored south of Dunedin. The sail up the coast was quite comfortable.
The trainees enjoyed the experience of being on watch overnight, setting and striking sails underway and the experience of being at sea under the stars.