Captain's Log - Day 2

Log: 5/2

We set off yesterday with exciting plans for a journey north, sailing through the night we're currently watching the weather before we decide our final anchorage for tonight.

Captain's Log Day 3

Log: 9/2

The great first chapter of our adventure has come to a calm close at Ships Cove. The team are all super happy and are now off at the beach having a good bit of well deserved fun under blue skies. Everyone has been working together great, if you were looking in from the outside you'd assume they have all known each other forever.

20240209 065438
Captain's Log - Day 5

Log: 12/2

We have had a pretty cool couple of days exploring Tōtaranui, Queen Charlotte including an awesome hikoi yesterday. We are now about to set off for another adventure, using this breeze while it's there to sail further north up to the awesome motu of Durville.

V885 Hikoi
Captain's Log Day 7

Log: 13/2

Awesome start to the day with a paddle to shore to watch the sunrise. After some breaky and yoga we headed back to the ship and are now off for more paddle adventures exploring a cool part of the coast. Then back for mast climb and lugger sailing! We are definitely packing 100% fun into the last days of voyage 885.

Captain's Log - Day 9

Log: 16/2

Had a cool trainee day today, troops did really well to visit a new beach, and sail the ship. The dolphins guided us back to our final anchorage off Split apple. Last few miles to cover back to Nelson in the morning.