Captain's Log 890 Day 1

Log: 29/3

Voyage 890 has begun! A positive buzz of anticipation has filled the ship as we contemplate the possibilities for adventures around Te Pēwhairangi (Bay of Islands), beautiful Northland and distant lands.

Captain's Log day 2

Log: 31/3

A beat to quarters at 6 bells. The enemy has been sighted on the port bow! For ship, for pride, and for FUN was the cry. Outnumbered 2 to 1 we engaged, water cannons ablaze. Quick reactions maintained the weather gauge and ensured our victory. Tuckered out but with prize in hand, we set many sails and sped away to the north. Sheltered safely out of sight in Whangaroa, we have settled in for the night.

Captain's Log Day 4

Log: 2/4

Sailing off the anchor (for the 4th day in a row no less), my goodness that's seamanship! A light wind forecast called for more sail. How much? All of it! We will rig our pocket handkerchiefs if we have to. With a sharp lookout for the Tucker out for retribution we cruised across the Bay of Islands, rounding Cape Brett and the world famous Hole in the Rock to anchor at Whangamumu. With so much sail to put away we stowed long into the night.

Captains Log: Day 7

Log: 3/4

We've had a whale of a time making our way south from Whangamumu, complete with some friendly marine mammals paying us a visit. Testing boundaries high and low with a trip to the top of the mast or a dip down to explore the marine life at the Poor Knights. A special breakfast shared with locals at the Hen and Chicken Islands followed up with some seasonal treats made for a nice cruise down to Bon Accord Harbour. An explore ashore with some exotic locals rounded out a busy day.

Captain's Log Day 9

Log: 6/4

In the true spirit of adventure the trainees grasped the challenge to take over the ship. After a bracing sail in stiff wind and sporadic rain showers we made it safely to anchor at Motuihe. Much fanfare surrounded the skills exhibited on the rope swing and games ashore rounded out a successful trainee day