Captain's Log: Day 2

Log: 18/4

Sails have been set, and we are bound for Omaha Bay. Fair winds and smooth seas is allowing us to get to know each other with ice breakers and learning knots. Good vibes for an epic trip!

Captain's Log Day 5

Log: 20/4

After leaving Omaha bay we headed north towards our next anchorage at Ngunguru where we spent the afternoon playing on the fluffy golden sand before leaving the shore just a smidge cleaner after carrying out a beach clean. Following day was a biggie with us motoring towards the Poor knights and diving into the cobalt blue waters and snorkeling around the enlightening world that we found ourselves in. An afternoon sail that carried on into dusk then carried over into night time activity of 'eggs can zipline' before everyone retired to bed after a very satisfying although tiring day. This morning we leave Smugglers cove nestled beneath the cloud covered peaks of Te Whara / Bream head, and head off towards Aotea / Great Barrier Island.

Captain's Log Day 7

Log: 23/4

After a great close hauled sail all the way down to Port Fitzroy, Aotea / Great Barrier we transited Man-o-war passage before a late afternoon sail stow.
Mini Olympics rounded out another full day.
Sunday morning dawned with the surrounding hills covered in grey cloud which turned to drizzle and rain over breakfast. With the days forecast set to improve we set off for a tramp to the top of Hirakimata / Mt Hobson. Unfortunatly the weather didn't improve a huge amount and the expected views from the summit did not eventuate. Everyone was very relieved to return to the familiar confines of the ship after a challenging but satisfying day ashore.
Today after our normal routine we got a chance to take the ships luggers for a sail. With two watches out in the boats the other two had a chance to learn about navigation and chartwork. Dinner ashore at smokehouse bay finishes off today's adventures.

Captain's Log Day 9

Log: 25/4

After a good night of rest, dawn broke with better weather giving us a chance to deep clean the ship before departing the tranquil anchorage. Leaving Port Fitzroy we transited the Broken islands to position ourselves slightly further south as to give a better wind angle for our next leg of sail across Tikapa Moana / Hauraki gulf towards Kawau Island. After lunch a tacking and gybing session reinforced and set the knowledge learned over the last week in preparation for trainee day. Elections finished off the normal crews day with them handing the ship over at 16:00hrs. After planning what needed happen in next 24hrs we had a fabulous trainee cooked dinner followed by a night-time swim before heading to bed excited as to what was to come tomorrow. A clear and calm morning greeted us in our new anchorage of Bon Accord harbour. Morning swim followed by breakfast set us up for a trip ashore for morning tea and games on the lawn in the classically styled gardens of mansion house. The tender returned us to the ship where our new cooks had lunch waiting for us.
After plotting a course and prepping sail we left Kawau Bay on the last large leg of the voyage, towards Motuihe where we plan to finish tainee day with a swim and rope swing before handing over to the regular crew.