Captains Log: Day 2

Log: 27/4

Voyage 893 has begun with great enthusiasm. Friendships are forming, the first sleep onboard and morning swim have happened. Today the trainees are learning the ropes, quite literally, and preparing the sails for their first sail of the voyage to the eastern end of Waiheke. Adventure awaits us.

Captains Log: Day 4

Log: 28/4

It's a stunningly beautiful day out on the Hauraki Gulf, the day has started off with cleaning as usual and it's nice to hear the crew singing as they work. We're onward bound to Aotea for more fun adventures.

Captain's Log Day 6

Log: 31/4

Sailing back from Great Barrier Island yesterday, with 12 sails set, guitar playing on the aft deck, sun shining, this is the life! This morning we woke to the first day of May and the sun rising over Kawau Island and with a plan to climb to the top of the mast and sail the luggers.

Captain's Log Day 8

Log: 3/5

Trainee day is nearly upon us and we are about to put the crew through their paces on deck to solidify all their learnings before they take over later this afternoon! Fun day yesterday included snorkeling at Goat Island with the big snapper, the water is still around 18 degrees for that and our morning swim.

Captain's Log Day 9

Log: 5/5

Trainee Day has been such a success! Well done to everyone for backing the crew they elected and working together to sail the ship safely, over 30 nautical miles, from Bon Accord Harbour to Motuihe Island and fitting in some fun in the sun, swimming and enjoying all the ship has to offer. What an awesome way to round off the final full day on the ship.