Captain's Log Day 2

Log: 17/5

Throwing off the lines and departing the wharf marked the beginning of an adventure for the Trainees on Voyage 894. They have started making friends, learning the ropes and how they make the sails go up and down, learning about how to be safe on the ship and exploring a couple of anchorages in the Hauraki Gulf. It is exciting to think of all the possible experiences everyone will have over the 10 days.

Captain's Log Day 5

Log: 20/5

We are sailing, across the Hauraki Gulf, heading for Great Barrier Island. The trainees have been working hard, using all their new knowledge, this morning to get all 14 sails up. The ship looks majestic in the glittering waters and we are having a fun time.

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Captain's Log Day 6

Log: 21/5

Yesterday the trainees spent time ashore at Great Barrier Island, hiking along a track through the beautiful bush clad hills to a lookout. Today we have sailed to the Coromandel Peninsula and have anchored in the shelter of the Moehau range. It will rain hard overnight, then tomorrow we will have some more adventures.

Captain's Log Day 8

Log: 23/5

The sun is shining, the wind is steady and the sails are being prepared. Everyone is eager to go sailing in the Firth of Thames and practice tacking the ship as we prepare for Trainee Day.

894 Captains Log: Day 9

Log: 24/5

The trainees have voted in their crew and have taken over the ship! They have got the ship sailing, cleaned, cooked and done the engineering. Awesome!!! Sadly the voyage is coming to an end and tomorrow we will say farewell to each of our new friends, but for now we are having fun.