Captains Log: Day 2

Log: 26/5

Kia ora e te whānau mã. Voyage 894a is under way. The teams all set to finding their place and meeting everyone. After our first night we set sail in the gale and made our way north to Mahurangi harbour. Everyone appears to be settling in well and throwing themselves head long into what adventure has to offer.

Captains Log: Day 4

Log: 28/5

Morena whānau. Plan for today was to walk across Tawharanui peninsula and bring the ship round to Kawau Bay to meet them which went great! Moving into the afternoon we tucked into a bay to keep us away from the wind and have just finished cleaning up after some good kai.

Captain's Log - Weather Update

Log: 29/5

Just a quick note to let you know we will be hiding from the big winds today to keep our precious cargo and ship safe. All is well on board.