Captain's Log: Day 2

Log: 5/6

We have thrown off the lines and headed out the harbour on our adventure. The trainees are learning about ship life, learning the ropes and sails, learning how to climb the rigging, getting to know their ship mates and forming friendships.

Captain's Log Day 4

Log: 7/6

Now that we have some good ship skills being honed it's time to leave the Coromandel. We are under sail to Aotea (Great Barrier) learning navigation along the way. Everyone is excited for the new sights that await us there. The crew are all working great together.

Captain's Log Day 6

Log: 10/6

Today we wave farewell to Aotea (Great Barrier Island) and set sail for Kawau Bay. It has been wonderful spending time here, going ashore for dinner with a bon fire and marshmallows, visiting Glenfern Regional Park where we all planted trees and walking a couple of beautiful tracks in the area. Everyday is a new adventure.

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Captain's Log Day 8

Log: 12/6

Over the last couple of days we have been achieving goals with a climb to the top of the mast and small boat sailing, discovering a more in-depth knowledge of sailing a tall ship and some have been learning to splice ropes. All of this is building up a collective skill set so that the trainees can take over the ship tomorrow afternoon.

Captain's Log Day 10

Log: 13/6

The trainees have taken over the ship! A trainee Captain and crew have been elected and a detailed plan for the day decided. This is where the trainees get to step up and put their new sailing, navigation, engineering, cooking and leadership skills into action. It is a very exciting day!