Captains Log Day 3

Log: 6/7

After a bustling first few days, we are all energised and pumped to be heading ashore for beach games at Tawharanui Penisula. Regardless of the cold weather, the troops are settling in well and embracing everything put in front of them (including a 14 degree C morning swim!).

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Captain's Log Day 4

Log: 7/7

We have reached tye Bay of Islands after a 75 nautical mile sail into the evening. We turn the lights down while night sailing for night vision which allowed for a great guided astronomy session with Watch Assistant Kaitlyn. We identified the Milky Way, the Magellanic clouds, and many important navigational constellations like Scorpio and learned to find South using the Pointers and Southern Cross. We saw all a lot of satellites, with the coolest one being the International Space Station just after dusk. Today we are getting ready to visit an old whaling station in Whangamumu Harbour. We are very excited!

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Captain's Log Day 6

Log: 9/7

We have had a wonderful few days in the Bay of Islands, and the trainees are quickly becoming best buddies. We paddled through Hole in the Rock, and saw some interesting Marine life. We also enjoyed a beautiful walk from Cape Brett lighthouse to Deepwater Cove. We welcomed the R. Tucker Thompson trainees and crew aboard for dinner last night and got to visit their boat too. Today we are preparing for a big sail towards great Barrier Island, planning to stop at Poor Knights Island along the way.

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Captain's Log: Day 9

Log: 12/7

Yesterday we had a fun day at Great Barrier Island. The trainees had a go sailing the luggers, and climbing to the top of the mast. We then went ashore for dinner, lit a campfire, roasted some yummy marshmallows, and sung some campfire songs. Today we sailed the ship from Great Barrier Island to Te Kouma Harbour in the Coromandel, we played some games and paddled ashore to watch the sunset. The trainees are feeling great and excited for another fun day tomorrow.