Captain's Log: Day 2

Log: 16/7

Wind and rain have restricted us a bit so far, but we have used the time well and the trainees are buzzing. A slight roll at anchor all night helped to settle stomachs, We are now anchored safely in the calm shelter at Ponui Island and waiting for the rain to stop so the trainees can get climbing and learning sail control.

Captain's Log: Day 3

Log: 16/7

We have had a little trouble with our Marine Tracking. The team are working on it today. In the meantime, here is an update for you... Kia ora whānau, we are having a great time out here today. How many times do you get to experience heading to Aotea in the fog! We've just had yummy soup and buns for lunch and are about to play some deck games to keep up the good momentum the crew have been making getting to know each other. All the watches are settling into our daily routine well and we've covered some good stuff since we left the dock. We have a great number of budding navigators enjoying plotting our course, and loads of keen beans on the sail stations.

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Captain's Log: Day 3 Update

Log: 17/7

V897 has arrived at the beautiful Great Barrier Island.

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Captain's Log Day 4: Map update

Log: 17/7

Nothing is dampening our spirits today, we've had a nice bit of rain at lunchtime and snuck in a fine patch on either side for lugger sailing, navigation and mast climbing.

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Captain's Log: Day 5

Log: 18/7

It's a lovely fine day with light winds and no rain forecast. The trainees are ashore for a 10km hike on Kaikoura Island at Gt Barrier. They had a fire ashore yesterday evening before paddling back in the dark.