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Inspiration Voyages

  • Duration
    3 days
  • Voyages p/year
  • For ages
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Creating opportunities and overcoming challenges

This special 5 Day voyage provides an opportunity for physically challenged young New Zealanders to take part in an adventure of a lifetime. Thirty young people from across the country, aged 16-35 years, come together to face challenges outside of their usual boundaries, gaining confidence and achieving tasks that previously might have looked impossible.

The annual Inspiration voyage is sponsored by the combined Lions Clubs of New Zealand, led by the Karori Lions Club. We take thirty physically challenged young people to sea on this special 3 Day voyage.

Inspiration voyage participants are partnered with a support person (usually one to three ratio). Support personnel are recruited from experienced Spirit volunteers who have participated in 10 Day voyages. They offer support and personal assistance to the participants as required.

Our unique voyage focuses on the following life skills activities:

  • building self-confidence - climbing the mast, swimming alongside
  • developing leadership skills - putting up the sails
  • communicating with new people
  • learning to be resilient - helping clean the ship
  • working in teams - rafting ashore
  • dealing with close confines - sleeping in bunks
  • learning new skills - sailing the small boats


Participants must:

  • be aged between 16-35 years
  • meet the medical criteria of the voyage
  • agree to the terms and conditions of the voyage
View the medical criteria ›
View the terms & conditions ›

Price list

2022 Fees
$ 840 per person

Bookings 1 remaining voyages for 2022

How to fund your voyage

The voyage fee is $840 per person

Thanks to the ongoing support from the Lions Club of Karori we are able to keep the individual costs per participant down to a fraction of the real cost of the voyage.

If parents or caregivers are eligible for carer support, please send us a signed Carer Support form for 3 days care from the paying agency. Funding may also be available through the Halberg Trust Sport Opportunity Fund – visit for more information.

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  1. Can I bring my own camera on a Voyage?

    We strongly suggest that if bringing a camera on board, you equip yourself with a dry bag for the safe keeping of your camera – please remember you are within a wet environment. Please bring your camera charger with batteries.

  2. Do I need to know how to sail to come on board?

    No sailing experience is required. Sailing is just one part of the voyage. Each sailing has a team of experianced sailors. Be prepared to help!
  3. I get sea sick. Can I bring medication with me?

    Please don't bring it with you. We have an ample supply of various sea sickness medication in the unlikely event that you need it. For safety reasons, we record and administer it, so we know who has taken it and can monitor you.

  4. Do I have to get nominated by someone to take part in a 10 Day voyage?

    No you don’t need to be nominated. You can book directly with us.

  5. Can I bring my fishing gear or dive equipment on board?

    Fishing gear and dive equipment is not permitted on board.

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