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Public Coastal

  • Duration
    3-4 days
  • Voyages p/year
  • For ages
  • Spaces p/voyage
    30 - 36

A tall ship sailing experience like no other

Did you miss out on taking part in a Spirit voyage in your younger days? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to sail on a tall ship or simply experience the many joys of sailing. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone age 18 years and over to experience sailing on board Spirit of New Zealand for a 3-5 day coastal voyage.

Join us on board for a thrilling adventure as we relocate the ship from port to port. The crew are there to guide you through the experience of sailing a tall ship and will endeavour to give you the same experience enjoyed by participants on 10 Day voyages. These short voyages provide a rare opportunity for keen adventurers to fulfill an ambition to sail on a tall ship, enjoying an authentic taste of life at sea. No previous sailing experience required.


Participants must:

  • be aged 18 years and over
  • be medically fit to complete a voyage
  • agree to the terms and conditions of the voyage
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Price list

Adults #768SN $1020.00
Adults #768SN2 $1360.00
Adults #774SN $1360.00

Bookings 3 remaining voyages for 2018 / 2019


  1. Can I bring my own camera on a Voyage?

    We strongly suggest that if bringing a camera on board, you equip yourself with a dry bag for the safe keeping of your camera – please remember you are within a wet environment. Please bring your camera charger with batteries.

  2. Do I need to know how to sail to come on board?

    No sailing experience is required. Sailing is just one part of the voyage. Each sailing has a team of experianced sailors. Be prepared to help!
  3. I get sea sick. Can I bring medication with me?

    Please don't bring it with you. We have an ample supply of various sea sickness medication in the unlikely event that you need it. For safety reasons, we record and administer it, so we know who has taken it and can monitor you.

  4. Can I bring my fishing gear or dive equipment on board?

    Fishing gear and dive equipment is not permitted on board.

  5. Do I have to live in Auckland to get on an Auckland sailing?

    No we have people from all over New Zealand join the ship. You just have to get to where ever we are in port.
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