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Spirit & the Environment

Environment Work

Clean beaches

A significant feature of our 10 Day Development Programme looks at environmental responsibility. This is why trainees on every voyage head to shore to take part in a beach clean-up. Here are a few images of their efforts:

Treasure Islands Campaign

The ‘Treasure Islands’ campaign is a joint initiative between the Department of Conservation and the Auckland Council to help protect conservation islands in the Hauraki Gulf. Spirit of New Zealand is proud to be a part of this initiative. You can help keep our Hauraki Gulf islands pest free by following these rules.

Many of our voyages out of Auckland include visits to islands around the Hauraki Gulf. With some simple procedures now put in place on board, we ask participants joining the ship to take part in this worthwhile initiative.
We are currently in the process of securing a ‘Pest-Free Warrant’, but we need your help.

What you need to do:

  • check your bags and gear for rats, mice, Argentine ants, rainbow skinks, soils and seeds (Rats can squeeze through a 12mm gap, and mice through a 7mm gap!)
  • check your bedding and pillow thoroughly for stowaways (Mice, insect pests and the invasive rainbow skink could hide in your bag)
  • put sleeping bags into a zipped bag or pack (no open bags allowed)
  • clean dirty gear especially footwear, removing soil and seeds (weed seeds cling to clothing and shoes, and may carry unwanted plant diseases).

For more info, you can visit the Treasure Islands Website ›

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