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Our People

"The people behind Spirit of Adventure Trust are the heartbeat of the organisation"

Shore-based Team

Our shore crew are comprised of individuals who bring the spirit to the Trust. From planning voyages, fundraising, marketing, hiring crew, ship logistics, planning maintenance and everything in between. Our dedicated team make it all happen behind the scenes to ensure the Spirit of Adventure is kept alive, well represented and that every voyage runs as seamlessly as possible.

Bruce Pilbrow
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Andy Woodhouse
Marine Manager
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Lauren Kenney
Community Engagement

Rachael Anderson
Crew / Logistics Coordinator
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Maddison Irvine
Voyage Coordinator
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Andie Adam
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Alina Rollinson
Reception / Administration
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Chantelle Harper
Head of Marketing and Engagement
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Spirit of New Zealand Sea Staff

Helping to keep Lou Fisher’s vision alive since 1972, Spirit’s professional and volunteer crew are highly valued as the representatives of the Spirit of New Zealand and the Spirit of Adventure Trust. The Spirit family has grown to include many outstanding crew members, with some winning international awards for their leadership, nautical skills and role modelling on board.


Nic Charrington
Gerard Prendeville
Stephen Bull
Laurie Stanton
Mike Foster
Georgina Micet
Graham Weakley
Nigel Wright
Jim Lott


Ben Whittington
Callum McGill
Andrea Haines
Simon Graves
Tori Muir
Alasdair Sime
Hannah Wilks
Suzanne Trounson
Peter Renshaw
Tony Cummings
Eric Anderson
Tamati Munroe
Kim Bjarnesen
Kim Scott
Tim Philips
Aner Hayam-Jones
Luke Galuszewski
Francesca Edmonds
Ninja - (Ruth) Helming
Quentin Mitchell
Sarianna Crook
Marcel de Wilde
Charlotte de L'isle
Kaleb Hapuku


Cailee Bowmar
Allan (JR) Reeve


David Scott
Roy Pearson
Neil Ketchen
Tim Philips
Bruce Birnie
Mike Pigneguy


Alethea Salmon

Ship Support

Peter Anderson

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Our Spirit People

Port Contacts

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