We suggest bringing more clothing than the minimum required, especially in the colder months. Clothing may get wet and we do not have the ability to wash clothing. If you don't have any of the items below, you could try to borrow from friends, family or pick up second-hand.

Please bring your gear in a soft foldable bag, similar to a duffle bag or tramping bag. Please DO NOT bring a hard shelled suit case.




  • Wide-brimmed hat with a cord 

  • Sunglasses

  • Longer sleeved shirts

  • Sun Screen SPF 50+

  • SPF Chapstick

Spirit of Adventure adopts a Cover up Sun Smart policy. Please comply to ensure that we are all Sun smart.



  • 1x Sleeping bag suitable for the season

  • 1x Blanket

  • 1x Pillow & Pillowcase

  • 2x Bath towels



  • 1x Comb/brush

  • 1x Toothbrush & Toothpaste

  • 1x Soap & Shampoo

  • 1x Deodorant (roll-on only)

  • Sanitary products (females)



  • 1x Swimming outfit (no bikinis/wetsuits)

  • 10x Underwear

  • Rash shirt (optional)

  • 1x Pyjamas

  • Socks (enough to last 10 days)

  • 1x Beanie

  • 2x Long pants

  • 2x Sweaters and jerseys

  • 2x Shorts (no short-shorts)

  • 5-10 x T-shirts (no offensive graphics)

  • Thermals (particularly for colder months)

  • 1x Sneakers or trainers (they will get wet)

  • 1x Shoes for around the ship (no jandals, scuffs or slides)

As part of our Sun Safe policy, please do not bring shoe-string singlets.


  • 1x Plastic bag for holding wet/dirty clothing (not black rubbish bags)

  • 1x Drink bottle, 1L (no glass)

  • Reading glasses if required (with strap/string attachment)

  • Camera & charger (optional)

  • Small day pack - for day tramps + pen or pencil

  • Prescription medication

Please mark all your gear and clothing with your name.


  • Life-jackets are provided 

  • The Ship has an extensive first aid and medicine supply (including sea-sickness medication).  Please don’t bring this with you unless it is required/prescribed medication, at which point you must notify the Master when you board the ship 

  • Wet weather gear


  • Cigarettes, vapes, alcohol, drugs

  • Prescription medication (unless prescribed by a doctor and accepted by the Trust/Master).

  • The Spirit  of Adventure Trust has a non-smoking policy (including vaping) and participants are not permitted to smoke while onboard. The Trust/Master reserves the right to remove any participant from a voyage if deemed appropriate

  • If a participant believes they are likely to suffer withdrawal symptoms as a result of our non-smoking policy, we advise seeking consultation with a GP prior to the voyage for prescription nicotine patches to be brought and handed into the Master as a controlled medication and administered if required

  • Firearms, weapons, spear guns, fishing gear, radios, ipods/ipads etc (if you have one for your journey to  and from the ship, you must hand it in to the Master for safe keeping for the duration of your voyage)

  • Mobile phones/tablets - the use of mobile phones/tablets etc on the ship is not permitted by participants at any time. They will  be handed in to the Master and returned at the end of the voyage. Parents/guardians needing to contact you urgently can ring the Spirit office. The ship is in radio contact with the office at  all times and communication can be made within minutes. 



Spirit of Adventure Trust is proud to be part of the ‘Treasure Islands’ campaign, a joint initiative between the Department of Conservation and the Auckland Council to help protect conservation islands in the Hauraki Gulf (and hopefully further afield). We operate under a ‘Pest-Free Warrant,’ and with simple procedures on-board, we ask participants joining the ship to assist in this initiative: 

Check your bags, gear and bedding thoroughly for Rats, Mice, Argentine ants, Rainbow Skinks, Soils and Seeds.



We follow and support the biosecurity requirements set out by Auckland Council and Department of Conservation. Therefore, we ask all passengers thoroughly check and clean their gear for pests prior to arrival. For more information click here.

Before travelling into the Hauraki Gulf with us, please ensure your gear is clean and pest free. For more information on how to check your gear click here.