A few times a year we change up our programme and run a very special voyage called our Parent & Child Voyage. This 3-night adventure is designed to create, foster, enhance or encourage connection between parent/caregiver and their teen.

It's great for those too young yet to attend a voyage on their own but wanting a Spirit experience. 12-15 years old is a pivotal age for the relationship between parents and teenagers particularly in the early years of secondary school.

This voyage offers an opportunity to spend quality time together in the outdoors, on a tall ship, away from the distractions of digital and busy home schedules.


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  • What age is this voyage suitable for?

    The voyage is for a parent or caregiver and their child who is aged between 12 - 15 years.

  • What are the sleeping arrangements?

    Once on board our crew will work with you and your child to allocate your sleeping berths. Our usual sleeping arrangements (on a youth voyage) are to separate male and female bunk rooms, however with our parent and child voyages, you are given a choice to stay with your child regardless of gender. This means both bunk rooms become mixed sleeping for all.

  • Can I bring more than one child?

    No, the voyage is only for one parent and one child to attend.

  • Can we come as a family?

    We prefer that participants join as just one parent and one child from any one family. This is to ensure we can provide the best possible experience for connection between one parent and their child.

  • What happens on the voyage?

    A range of activities that immerse you in ship life, including learning how to sail the ship and keep it running. Activities like climbing in the rigging, swimming off the ship, tramping, rafting, beach games are just some of exciting things we do.