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Youth Engagement Panel

Spirit of Adventure Trust is proud to announce the launch of a key initiative for 2020 and beyond - the establishment of a Youth Engagement Panel.

As we edge ever closer toward our 50th year of operation, we are uniquely positioned as the world's busiest youth ship - making a real difference in young people's lives through the programmes we offer our trainees.

Longitudinal research out of Otago University shows that the outcomes we deliver greatly benefit our trainees, their families, and the communities our trainees return to. What they learn about themselves and others is something that stays with them. Our programmes are life-changing, and those are not our words, those are the words of our trainees. They know they have been part of something special, something it is sometimes difficult to put words to, something that challenged them, something that opened their eyes to who they were and who they could be. Something that wasn't always easy but was worth it in the end. Something that was a building block for their future.

As we head into a fresh decade, we have our eye firmly on our future and it's a future where the face of young New Zealand is ever-changing and evolving. Our Youth Engagement Panel (YEP for short) will be charged with helping to ensure the organisation remains relevant, helping us navigate the future in terms of how we do what we do and how we ensure that the opportunity to be part of Spirit programmes is put in front of every young Kiwi.

The first step is the recruitment of the YEP Chair. We are looking for someone passionate about youth development, someone who embraces diversity, a confident and articulate communicator with some experience in the youth and charitable cause sectors. The successful candidate will be an influencer in their peer group but will be just as comfortable sitting at our Trust Board table.

Applications have now closed for this role. Please keep an eye on this page, plus our social media pages, for future updates and roles within the Youth Engagement Panel.

Thank you to all of you have applied.

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**YEP Chair update**

Thanks for a fantastic response to the opportunity of this newly created role. We had many strong applications from very passionate people, from a wide range of backgrounds. We are working our way through all applications, reading and investigating each one. We will be in touch over the next week with those people – thanks again for wanting to be part of this exciting new group.

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