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Youth Engagement Panel

We’re excited the Youth engagement panel has begun and we want to introduce our Chair, Shelley Addison and Deputy Chair, Jannik Wittgen.

When we asked Shelley and Jannik why they were interested in leading the YEP Panel and Shelley said “we believe the Spirit of Adventure Trust makes a real difference in young peoples life’s and we support the Trust’s values”

Shelley, Jannik with support from Bruce, Stephen, Board members, ship and shore staff have been looking at what the panel will look like and what it will set out to achieve.

The next step will be Shelley and Jannik looking to recruit the other panel members; watch this space for more information.

Thanks to everyone who contacted the Spirit of Adventure Trust about these roles.

Does this sound like you?

**YEP Chair update**

Thanks for a fantastic response to the opportunity of this newly created role. We had many strong applications from very passionate people, from a wide range of backgrounds. We are working our way through all applications, reading and investigating each one. We will be in touch over the next week with those people – thanks again for wanting to be part of this exciting new group.

If you have any questions, drop us an email here

Introducing our YEP Chair

Shelley Addison - YEP Chair

As a previous trainee with voyage 607, Shelley is now a young professional, working for Beca on community shaping projects. Shelley is passionate about youth advocacy and providing opportunities for young people.

.. and our YEP Deputy Chair

Jannik Wittgen - Deputy Chair

Jannik is a past trainee and current volunteer crew member that studies engineering at the University of Auckland. He is passionate about working to allow more young Kiwis to experience a voyage and ensuring the programme remains relevant, now and in the future.

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